A tattooed man in a white T shirt bats off a woman in King Street, in Manchester, as the celebrations turned violent 
A girl in a red dress in Nottingham reveals more than she intended during the raucous celebrations across the country
Two revellers enjoy the celebrations in Calton Hill, in Edinburgh, as part of the city's Hogmanay celebrations
One man was seen lying in a heap of rubbish bags with filthy trousers in London during the booze-fuelled celebrations
The heavy rain and strong winds did not deter this reveller in Newcastle
A woman celebrated in a mini skirt despite the heavy rain
A man and woman brawl outside a fast food restaurant in Nottingham as the New Year celebrations turned ugly 
The woman landed a blow in the man's face as he tried to escape her clutches during the booze-fuelled evening yesterday
A man in Bristol stands against a lamppost as some celebrated the New Year with a little too much gusto 
The same man is helped by his friend after a heavy night drinking in Bristol to usher in the beginning of 2017 
Revellers wore their party outfits despite the torrential downpours in Newcastle last night
A woman wards off the advances of a man, while trying to protect her hair from the rain in Newcastle